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Welcome to the Databend documentation! Databend is an open-source, elastic, and workload-aware modern cloud data warehouse designed to meet businesses' massive-scale analytics needs at low cost and with low complexity.

This welcome page guides you through the features, architecture, and other important details about Databend.

Why Databend?

Databend is always searching for and incorporating the most advanced and innovative technologies to provide you with an exceptional user experience.

  • Blazing-fast data analytics on object storage.
  • Leverages data-level parallelism and instruction-level parallelism technologies for optimal performance.
  • Supports Git-like MVCC storage for easy querying, cloning, and restoration of historical data.
  • No indexes to build, no manual tuning, and no need to figure out partitions or shard data.

Databend Architecture

Databend's high-level architecture is composed of a meta-service layer, a compute layer, and a storage layer.

Databend Architecture

Databend has the capability to support multiple tenants, and the meta-service layer serves these tenants and stores their respective states in a persistent key-value store. The meta-service layer plays a vital management role in Databend by:

  • Managing all metadata related to databases, tables, clusters, transactions, and more.
  • Storing user information, access control data, usage statistics, and other related information.
  • Performing user authentication and authorization to ensure a secure environment.

If you're interested, you can find the code related to the meta-service layer in the meta folder of the GitHub repository.


The Databend community is open to data professionals, students, and anyone who has a passion for cloud data warehouses. Feel free to click on the links below to be a part of the excitement:



Databend is licensed under Apache 2.0.


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