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Meet Databend Cloud

Getting tired of deployment headaches and managing infrastructure?

Introducing Databend Cloud - the cloud-hosted version of Databend! With Databend Cloud, you can leverage the full capabilities of Databend without having to worry about deployment or infrastructure management.


Don't miss out on the chance to try Databend Cloud during its private beta phase. Sign up for beta access now at and receive a $200 coupon to kickstart your exploration of the platform.

At a Glance

Before you dive in, let's have a preview of the main components and features of Databend Cloud to give you an idea of what it looks like.

Warehouse: Your Compute Capability

A warehouse comprises of computing resources such as CPU, memory, and local caches, which can be tailored to your specific computing needs by creating warehouses in varying sizes. In Databend Cloud, a warehouse is necessary for executing queries and performing data loading or unloading tasks.

Data: Visualized Databases & Tables

With its user-friendly interface, Databend Cloud allows users to easily visualize complex data sets and quickly analyze the information they need.


Databend Cloud now has a pipeline feature that facilitates automatic discovery of file updates from Amazon S3 and subsequent loading of the updates into a table. Read this blog post to learn more:

Worksheet: Powerful SQL Editor

Worksheet is a powerful and user-friendly SQL editor that simplifies database management. Its advanced features include syntax highlighting, autocomplete, error checking, and formatting options for efficient query writing.

Connect: Effortlessly Connecting to Your Dataflow

Databend Cloud offers a seamless integration process for your applications through a connection string. This connection string allows your applications to effortlessly connect to Databend Cloud and access its powerful features and capabilities.

Cloud-Based Design

Databend Cloud currently uses Amazon S3 as its cloud provider, and is planning to add support for other cloud providers in the future.

The following diagram provides a visual representation of the various layers that comprise the architecture of Databend Cloud. Each layer plays a critical role in enabling the functionality and performance of the cloud platform. By examining the architecture layers in detail, you can gain a better understanding of how Databend Cloud operates and how data flows through the system.

Databend Cloud Architecture

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