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Deploying a Standalone Databend

Deploying a Standalone Databend

Databend works with both self-hosted and cloud object storage solutions. This topic explains how to deploy Databend with your object storage. For a list of supported object storage solutions, see Understanding Deployment Modes.


It is not recommended to deploy Databend on top of MinIO for production environments or performance testing.

Setting up Your Object Storage

Before deploying Databend, make sure you have successfully set up your object storage environment in the cloud, and the following tasks have been completed:

  • Create a bucket or container named databend.
  • Get the endpoint URL for connecting to the bucket or container you created.
  • Get the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key for your account.

For information about how to manage buckets and Access Keys for your cloud object storage, refer to the user manual from the solution provider. Here are some useful links you may need:

Downloading Databend

a. Create a folder named databend in the directory /usr/local.

b. Download and extract the latest Databend release for your platform from GitHub Release:

curl -LJO${version}/databend-${version}-x86_64-unknown-linux-musl.tar.gz
tar xzvf databend-${version}-x86_64-unknown-linux-musl.tar.gz

c. Move the extracted folders bin, configs, and scripts to the folder /usr/local/databend.

Deploying a Meta Node

a. Open the file databend-meta.toml in the folder /usr/local/databend/configs, and replace with within the whole file.

b. Open a terminal window and navigate to the folder /usr/local/databend/bin.

c. Run the following command to start the Meta node:

./databend-meta -c ../configs/databend-meta.toml > meta.log 2>&1 &

d. Run the following command to check if the Meta node was started successfully:

curl -I

Deploying a Query Node

a. Open the file databend-query.toml in the folder /usr/local/databend/configs, and replace with within the whole file.

b. In the file databend-query.toml, set the parameter type in the [storage] block and configure the access credentials and endpoint URL for connecting to your object storage.

To configure your storage settings, please comment out the [storage.fs] section by adding '#' at the beginning of each line, and then uncomment the appropriate section for your object storage provider by removing the '#' symbol, and fill in the necessary values. If your desired storage provider is not listed, you can copy and paste the corresponding template below to the file and configure it accordingly.

# s3
type = "s3"

bucket = "databend"
endpoint_url = ""

# How to get access_key_id and secret_access_key:
access_key_id = "<your-key-id>"
secret_access_key = "<your-access-key>"

c. Configure an admin user with the [query.users] sections. For more information, see Configuring Admin Users. To proceed with the default root user and the authentication type "no_password", ensure that you remove the '#' character before the following lines in the file databend-query.toml:


Using "no_password" authentication for the root user in this tutorial is just an example and not recommended for production due to potential security risks.

name = "root"
auth_type = "no_password"

d. Open a terminal window and navigate to the folder /usr/local/databend/bin.

e. Run the following command to start the Query node:

./databend-query -c ../configs/databend-query.toml > query.log 2>&1 &

f. Run the following command to check if the Query node was started successfully:

curl -I

Verifying Deployment

In this section, we will run some queries against Databend to verify the deployment.

a. Download and install a MySQL client on your local machine.

b. Create a connection to from your SQL client. In the connection, set the port to 3307, and set the username to root.

c. Run the following commands and check if the query is successful:

CREATE TABLE t1(a int);



Starting and Stopping Databend

Each time you start and stop Databend, simply run the scripts in the folder /usr/local/databend/scripts:

# Start Databend

# Stop Databend

In case you encounter the subsequent error messages while attempting to start Databend:

==> query.log <==
: No getcpu support: percpu_arena:percpu
: option background_thread currently supports pthread only
Databend Query start failure, cause: Code: 1104, Text = failed to create appender: Os { code: 13, kind: PermissionDenied, message: "Permission denied" }.

Run the following commands and try starting Databend again:

sudo mkdir /var/log/databend
sudo mkdir /var/lib/databend
sudo chown -R $USER /var/log/databend
sudo chown -R $USER /var/lib/databend

Next Steps

After deploying Databend, you might need to learn about the following topics: