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bendsql is a command line tool that has been designed specifically for Databend. It allows users to establish a connection with Databend and execute queries directly from a CLI window.

This tool is particularly useful for those who prefer a command line interface and need to work with Databend on a regular basis. With bendsql, users can easily and efficiently manage their databases, tables, and data, and perform a wide range of queries and operations with ease.

Downloading and Installing bendsql

To download and install bendsql, please go to the bendsql repository on GitHub and follow the README instructions.

Connecting to Databend

Use bendsql connect to connect to a Databend instance:

eric@ericdeMacBook rsdoc % bendsql connect -h
Connect to Databend Instance

bendsql connect [flags]

-d, --database string (default "default")
-H, --host string (default "localhost")
-p, --password string
-P, --port int (default 8000)
-u, --user string (default "root")

--help Show help for command

Use 'bendsql <command> <subcommand> --help' for more information about a command.

To connect to a local Databend, simply run bendsql connect:

eric@ericdeMacBook rsdoc % bendsql connect   
Connected to Databend on Host: localhost
Version: DatabendQuery v0.9.58-nightly-790be61(rust-1.68.0-nightly-2023-03-01T16:41:18.376657Z)

Running Queries with bendsql

After connecting bendsql to your Databend instance, you can use bendsql query to run queries with the tool:

eric@ericdeMacBook rsdoc % bendsql query
Connected with driver databend (DatabendQuery v0.9.58-nightly-790be61(rust-1.68.0-nightly-2023-03-01T16:41:18.376657Z))
Type "help" for help.

dd:root@localhost/default=> SELECT NOW();
| now() |
| 2023-03-02T21:47:10.4Z |
(1 row)