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File Upload API

You can utilize the File Upload API to upload local data files to a stage, whether it is the user stage or a named internal/external stage. To initiate the upload process, you need to submit a POST request to the endpoint http://<http_handler_host>:<http_handler_port>/v1/upload_to_stage.


By default, <http_handler_host>:<http_handler_port> is set to, and it can be customized in the databend-query.toml configuration file.

In the body of the POST request, include the Required Parameters to specify the target stage and the files you want to upload. Once the server receives your request, it will handle the upload process and respond with a JSON object that indicates the upload result.

Required Parameters

stage_name:<your-stage-name>Stage name. To specify a stage named sales, use "stage_name:sales". For the user stage, use "stage_name:~".
upload=@<your-file-path>File you want to upload.


See examples in Staging Files with API.