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Retrieving Metadata

Why and What is Metadata?

Databend allows you to retrieve metadata from your data files using the INFER_SCHEMA function. This means you can extract column definitions from data files stored in internal or external stages. Retrieving metadata through the INFER_SCHEMA function provides a better understanding of the data structure, ensures data consistency, and enables automated data integration and analysis. The metadata for each column includes the following information:

  • column_name: Indicates the name of the column.
  • type: Indicates the data type of the column.
  • nullable: Indicates whether the column allows null values.
  • order_id: Represents the column's position in the table.

This feature is currently only available for the Parquet file format.

The syntax for INFER_SCHEMA is as follows. For more detailed information about this function, see INFER_SCHEMA.

LOCATION => '{ internalStage | externalStage }'
[ PATTERN => '<regex_pattern>']

Tutorial: Querying Column Definitions

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of uploading the sample file to an internal stage, querying the column definitions, and finally creating a table based on the staged file. Before you start, download and save the sample file books.parquet to a local folder.

  1. Create an internal stage named my_internal_stage:
CREATE STAGE my_internal_stage;
  1. Use cURL to make a request to the File Upload API:
Put books.parquet to stage
curl -u root: -H "stage_name:my_internal_stage" -F "upload=@books.parquet" -XPUT "http://localhost:8000/v1/upload_to_stage"
  1. Query the column definitions from the staged sample file:
SELECT * FROM INFER_SCHEMA(location => '@my_internal_stage/books.parquet');

column_name|type |nullable|order_id|
title |VARCHAR| 0| 0|
author |VARCHAR| 0| 1|
date |VARCHAR| 0| 2|
  1. Create a table named mybooks based on the staged sample file:
CREATE TABLE mybooks AS SELECT * FROM @my_internal_stage/books.parquet;

Check the created table:

DESC mybooks;

Field |Type |Null|Default|Extra|
title |VARCHAR|NO |'' | |
author|VARCHAR|NO |'' | |
date |VARCHAR|NO |'' | |

SELECT * FROM mybooks;

title |author |date|
Transaction Processing |Jim Gray |1992|
Readings in Database Systems|Michael Stonebraker|2004|