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What are Databend Stages

What are Databend Stages?

Databend can both store data locally(Fuse engine) and access data stored in other storage systems, the location where data is saved or from is known as a Stage.

What are the Types of Databend Stages?

Databend's data can be stored internally or externally, based on this, the Databend Stages are categorized into two types:

  • Internal Stages
  • External Stages

Internal Stages

In Internal Databend Stages, the data is stored internally, the data location likes: /<bucket>/<tenant_id>/stage/<stage_name>/<stage_file>


Databend table data path: /<bucket>/<tenant_id>/<database_id>/<table_id>/

External Stages

External Stages are storage in another external location that is not part of the Databend, this might be Amazon S3 Storage or MySQL/HDFS.